Monday, June 8, 2009

Heidecke Lake - May 29, 2009

Not a cloud in the sky

We started the day by witnessing another guy damage his truck and trailer at the ramps. He backed the trailer in at such an angle that one of the tires went off the side and the trailer got wedged under the dock. when he tried to pull forward, his truck slid sideways and hit the metal railing, then when it moved forward, it tore some of the body off. Hopefully his day got better because that was not a good start.

We put a few fish in the boat, but nothing really worth bragging about. Mike caught the only Smallmouth of the day too. We caught a couple Crappie, a Striper, and a few Drum before we decided to go. There wasn't a cloud in the sky and that usually makes for very tough conditions on this lake.


As I was waiting for Mike to bring the truck, I saw another group with their boat tied off to one of the piers where they keep the rental boats. They were catching some nice Walleye right under their boat on minnows. As I was driving my boat onto the trailer at the last ramp, a couple kids walked past and they both cast towards the shallower part of the cove. Both kids hooked up with big fish but only one of them managed to land theirs. It was a real nice Striper. Mike and I decided we had obviously been fishing the wrong part of the lake.

Freshwater Drum

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