Friday, June 12, 2009

Heidecke Lake - June 11, 2009

Rain Rain Rain

Photos from today:

I had planned to fish early Thursday morning so I had the boat hooked up and ready Wednesday night. I woke up to the sound of heavy rain and flash flood warnings. Since fishing in a thunderstorm is not a good idea, I waited until all the red and yellow was gone from the radar screen then headed for Heidecke lake despite the flood warnings.
Raining cats and dogs (and even a few fish).

When I got to the lake it was still raining so I took the cover off the boat and launched anyway. As I was getting the boat ready before pulling up to the ramp, a red winged blackbird landed on the seat right next to me. I went for the camera but when I lifted it to my face, he took off.

A visitor.
It rained the entire time I was on the water. The precipitation ranged from light to moderate and thankfully most of the rain was light.

Soaked Boat.

I headed out onto the lake and ran to a spot where the wind would carry me along the shoreline. I was hoping that with the cloud cover and rain, more fish would be in close.

Rainy day.

After a short time I had my first fish on. It turned out to be a decent Drum and before the day was done I had caught a dozen or so of them. All were good sized fish.

Freshwater Drum.

During the drift I hooked a walleye that was smaller than the ones I had caught last trip, but it got away at the boat. I also hooked a mammoth Striper that made several strong runs despite the fact I got him to the boat a couple times, and when I decided to put the brakes on one of them, he wasn't having any of that and he kept right on going and took my crank bait with him. On the very next cast I caught another nice Drum.

Another Drum Photographed and Released.

Towards the end of the day I caught two real nice Stripers on two consecutive casts. The first one was right around 10 lbs give or take and second one was a few pounds lighter.

Hybrid Striped Bass.

I quickly caught another Drum and then looked at my watch and realized I had better get going. I got a late start and only fished for 3 hours, but as I headed towards the ramps I was really wishing I had more time to spend out there. The water temperature was 68 and the water level seemed way up due to the reported six inches of rain that area received overnight and during the day.

When I got back to the ramps, the same red-winged blackbird was still hanging around. He landed on the seat in my boat one more time as I was getting the cover out of my vehicle. I told him that the next time I fish there he was welcome to go out on the water with me.

Maybe Next Time.

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