Monday, June 8, 2009

Heidecke Lake - June 3, 2009

On the water

I wasn't planning to fish this morning but when I saw the cloud cover and the fact it was windy, I knew those would be perfect conditions for Heidecke Lake so I hooked up the boat to the truck and was on the water by 8:15 am. The red flag was posted meaning it was going to be choppy out there, but it wasn't as bad as I expected.

High winds expected

I think I made 5 casts before I hooked my first fish. It turned out to be a nice Striper and after a short battle, it was in the boat getting its picture taken before being released.

Hybrid Striped Bass

I wound up catching at least 10 more Stripers and all but one were good fish. I also caught a couple of nice Drum and lost the two Smallmouth I hooked. They were small ones anyway and they came unhooked before I got them to the boat.

Later on I started catching Walleye. The first one wasn't that big but then I caught a real good one and decided he'd go in the live well for a later meal. The next one was an absolute monster. He also went in the live well but when I caught the next one I released the big one and just kept the two. That was enough for a good meal.

2 Walleye

The water temperature was 66 degrees which was 3 degrees cooler than the previous trip. I caught everything on the same type of lure but also hooked a couple big fish on another old lure I had that they don't make anymore and lost them. Anything that resembled a minnow should have worked today and that's what I threw at them. It was a great day of fishing and I was off the water before noon.

Out for a stroll

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