Friday, July 10, 2009

Monee Reservoir - July 10, 2009

More photos from today:

Great morning for Fishing

I went to the Monee Reservoir this morning for a couple hours. I was planning on fishing the shoreline for a little bit before the rain hit, but the rain looked like it was going to hold off for longer than I originally expected so I rented a boat. On the way into the parking lot, a buck almost ran right into my truck. He crossed the street and was across the field in no time flat.

Heading out in the rental boat

There were already several boats out by the time I got on the water. The sun that was barely visible by the time I got there was becoming more obscured by clouds with each passing minute. I have no idea what the water temp was but I’m guessing the upper 70s. There was also some algae bloom visible.

Lily Pads

I noticed more Bullfrogs this time out than what I’ve seen there for the past few years. That’s a great sign.

I started out by catching a real nice fish. It hit a crank bait that broke on the next cast. The front of it was cracked and it split in half.

4.5 lb Largemouth Bass

I tied another one on and caught a couple smaller Largemouth.

2nd fish of the Day

I saw a guy catch a nice Bass on the other side of the section I was fishing (same guy who took a couple pictures of the big fish for me – Thanks!). Shortly after that I tied into a good one on a plastic worm. I thought it might have been a big catfish by the way it was fighting. It made several powerful runs and was probably one of the strongest Largemouth Bass I’ve ever fought. When I saw it I was really wishing I would have brought the net that I have specifically for fishing that place.

6 lb or better Largemouth Bass

I got the fish to the boat and was able to lip it on the first attempt. After a few photos, I lowered it back into the water and it took off with a splash of its tail fin. I got the brunt of it right in my face too. That was ok though because it let me know the fish was no worse for the wear and tear I put on him.

Released to fight another day

I took a few more casts and realized it was time to turn the boat back in. Perfect timing too as the rain was just starting.

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