Friday, March 20, 2009

Using Satellite views of Fishing Lakes

I recently updated the pages on my site that allow you to display satellite views of different lakes. Google offers some great technology to webmasters that allows them to bring visitors some very useful mapping options for their favorite fishing holes.

So what can you do with these pages?

The first thing that you would want to do is click on the lake you want to visit. If you don't have the Google Earth plug-in, you will be prompted to download it. Also, if you do not have a compatible web browser, you will be shown a list of browsers that have been tested by Google and certified to work with their Google Earth technology.

Once a lake is displayed on your screen, you will want to use the slider control to zoom in or out. some of the lakes offer very high resolution graphics and you can zoom in very close. Next, the top control allows you to level off and choose where "North" will be oriented so that you have more of a bird's eye view of the lake. You can pretend you are bird or that you are flying around the lake in an airplane. The middle control will let you control your flight. You will want to spend some time experimenting with the controls until you are proficient at flying your way around the lake.

If you plan to fish the lake, you can look for points, coves, downed trees, or other structure. You can develop a plan to hit these areas rather than launch with no plan at all. This way you will be more likely to be fishing water that contains fish. On some of the maps, you can even see drop offs, mud lines, eddys, and other things you would not be able to see from a boat. Once you have a general idea of where these things are, you can use the electronics in your boat to learn more about the areas and fish them more effectively.

Some other things I have added to the pages allow you to see a standard map, hybrid map (combination of a satellite and standard map) or a down looking satellite view. These can help you find your way to the lake or locate the various amenities that might be near the lake. You do not need the Google Earth Plug in to use these maps.

If there is a lake you'd like to see added to my web site, let me know. Even if you don't plan to visit some of the lakes, you can still have some fun pretending you are a bird.

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