Thursday, March 19, 2009

LaSalle Lake March 18, 2009

I met Mike Matlock at the boat ramps just as the lake was opening. It was still dark so it took an extra minute or two to get the lights out and set up. As Mike was backing my vehicle and the trailer down the ramp, I realized that the drain plug was still in the car. Mike stopped in time, and after I put the plug in we set out into the darkness.

We ran towards the warmer side of the lake and found a spot about halfway down one of the banks, far enough away from the other boats that were starting to congregate on that side of the lake. After a few minutes of casting it was "Fish On"! I landed a nice Smallmouth before the sun was up. Mike quickly followed with a nice Largemouth, then another, then another, then another....

Mike with a nice LaSalle Lake Smallmouth Bass
Mike with a nice LaSalle Lake Smallmouth Bass

For a while it seemed like every cast was good for a fish. I threw crank baits and Mike switched off between a small crank bait and a 7 inch worm. I'm pretty sure he caught more fish on the worm than I caught on the crank baits, and he didn't have to worry about those sure-set hooks winding up stuck in his finger like I did. Ouch!

The sun came up a short time later and looked spectacular through the clouds. Fortunatly for us, it quickly dissapeared behind more clouds and that helped keep the fish biting. Once the sun made a brief appearance later in the morning, the hot bite quickly stopped and the fish were fewer and farther between.

LaSalle Lake Sunrise

Mike and I lost count of how many fish we caught. Most were in the 12 to 15 inch range with a few larger ones thrown in. Both of us lost a couple really big fish before we were able to get them to the boat, but we caught more than enough nice ones to make us happy. We caught Largemouth, Smallmouth, Catfish, Drum, and a few Striped Bass.

Mother nature blessed us with better weather than what was predicted. It was warmer than forecast, and the rain showers held off until the boat was washed, covered, and put away. The water temperatures at the lake ranged from around 62 at the ramp to the mid 80s in the discharge canal.

More Pictures from this trip:

You can visit LaSalle Lake and take a 3D Tour here:

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